How you can help

Qualification (Educated people or uneducated, Male female) Doesn't matter.

Dress code (Formal, Informal).

the volunteers age should be above 18+ and need to produce any identity to verify the age. Their servie time will be from 10 am to 3 pm.

The volunteers will be assigned designated jobs in our organization and will be posted in any of the areas in the following list - Office work , Workshop, Housekeeping, Patient Organizing, Social Service, Foot Section

We arrange food for the volunteers and Travel Convenience on presentation of bill will be reimbursement.

The volunteers need to work minimun of 1 week as per the guidelience of the administration nad can work upto their will. On completion of their tenure as volunteer we will provide a certificate for them.

If a person from other country, they like to work as a volunteer at Mukti, Those volunteers should undergo the process of passport, visa, staying, food of their own and Mukti will not be able to provide the help.